Philanthropy is the active effort to promote human welfare and increase the well being to human kind. Over the past decade, Delta Epsilon Psi has strived to help those in need and give to those less fortunate. Delta Epsilon Psi has devoted time and effort to bring manpower in large numbers to various organizations in the pursuit of serving society.

Volunteering is an opportunity to showcase the passion we as brothers have toward lending support to various other philanthropic organizations. As Edward Arlington Robinson said, “there are two kinds of gratitude: The sudden kind we feel for what we receive, and the larger kind we feel for what we give.” This quote embodies the belief the brothers of Delta Epsilon Psi have had since our existence. For the fraternity, volunteering is seen as a powerful gift not only for the ones that receive the service, but more so for those who volunteer.

Listed below are just some of the organizations and signature events we support as volunteers:

Some of our chapters/colonies have chosen the YMCA as a part of on-going volunteer service, in which they support on a weekly to biweekly basis. Volunteering at the YMCA gives our brothers an opportunity to work with a wide variety of age groups as well as cultures. Under the direction of the YMCA we are allowed to reach out and make a lasting impact on a diverse young generation so we can instill in them leadership skills, a drive to become committed to the community, and the skills they need to succeed in their future education.

The Boys & Girls Club offer young people, especially those who need the program the most, the chance to be productive, caring, and responsible citizens. It does this by providing a safe place to learn and grow with caring, adult professionals and life-enhancing programs for character development. The Brothers of Delta Epsilon Psi Fraternity, Inc. support this program by interacting with the kids of the club by making sure they are safe and developing enjoyable friendly relations amongst each other. Sports, board games, arts and crafts, conversations, movies, and other simple activities are just some of the activities that we partake in. By developing good-natured relations with students in college, we hope that we can teach them things derived from our own experiences, so that they may have the ability to reach their full potential in education and life.

Through the Ronald McDonald House, we are able to assist in the volunteer efforts going on in the kitchens and living quarters of various shelters by providing men to clean up and prepare for multiple day provisions. We provide help with cases such as post meal sanitation duties. For example, after meals have been served, we assist by cleaning the tables, mopping the floors, cleaning restrooms, and assisting in providing a clean, safe and comfortable environment. Through this service, we hope to provide an immediate impact on the local community and hope that we have encouraged others to give back through our actions.