Mu's Philanthropy Work

Those with the gift of giving will be the ones with  success. Delta Epsilon Psi and our philanthropical endeavors has taught us just that. Over this semester as Mu Colony we have achieved and reached beyond the requirements and expectations by throwing and organizing several events.  In almost every event we have brought parts of community and our school together and created an atmosphere of service that wouldn’t be forgotten at Texas Tech University.

One of the first service events that we hosted in the 2010-2011 year was at a Church called Shalom. In this event we primarily had to assist the church to help renovate the soup kitchen they had as well as some of the rooms they used to assist with underprivileged  kids.  We had several other organizations assisting us and successfully finished the tasked within the single day. With the success of this one project we have been invited back to assist in other service work at shalom and have great gratitude for our invitation.

Concerns for a healthy environment is one of the biggest issues that our community faces today. To help out with this issue, we have went ahead and signed up for Adopt A Highway project. When we go to do this project we usually try to do it with one other greek organization and this year we chosen the ladies of Kappa Delta Chi to assist us and this project is always a success. Because we create awareness of how important this issue is; by being out on the streets cleaning.

In the last year we have hosted two successful Bone Marrow Drives with an estimated 150 people signing up to be participants of this important program. We as Mu Colony had 2 goals with this project, first to show how important it is to be educated about what the program does and second to be volunteering in this manner will help those really in need of medical assistance.

Now one of our biggest events that we have hosted was on April 16th which was called Dodging Diabetes for JDRF. This event has been hosted for last 3 years at Texas Tech University and has been a successful tournament. We have received many sponsorships for this event as well substantial amounts of fundraising from various donations. Companies such as Walmart and United Markets have assisted us with prizes and other essentials. This was one of the biggest events of the year here at our prestigious university.  Our main goals for this event was to raise as much money as possible for JDRF and to raise awareness about Juvenile Diabetes.

Mu Colony has achieved and has been successful in the arena of Community service and we have recently been awarded the best organization in regards to service over all fraternal organizations for the 2010-2011 year here at Texas Tech University.

As we all have taken the pledge “ I’m committed to serving and supporting my community, school and fraternity” we have taken this to the next level and I am very proud of my colony as we have a bright and prosperous future in philanthropy.

Sunny Patel and Denny Joesph
Mu Colony