Spread the Word!

Throughout the semester Delta Epsilon Psi - Alpha Beta Colony has managed to support the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation with many different events and presentations.  We have managed to reach out to people from several different schools across our state and promote our philanthropy. One of our more recent presentations included speaking out at a high school function which was organized by their Indian Student Association. The high school function contained a gradient of students from three different high schools, all of which who contributed to the organization of the event. We had the opportunity to speak out in front of more than 500 students and parents on the causes and effects of Juvenile Diabetes in the world today. We managed to reach out and impact the community positively, while also promoting a positive image for ourselves: not only on campus, but across the state of Michigan.

On the other hand, while attending events of other organizations and speaking out about our cause, we also conducted a few key events in order to further promote the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. One of our major events was a large scale basketball tournament which we hosted on our campus. We attracted teams both local to Wayne State’s Campus, as well as teams from other colleges and high schools. Each team was required to pay a fee in order to compete, and the winner was given a cash prize. The rest of the money was donated directly to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. The basketball tournament attracted five teams from across Michigan and was professionally conducted with professional referees and a two-court gymnasium. The tournament was a large triumph for Alpha Beta Colony because it allowed us to expand our name and reputation, as well as help promote for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Found and raise money for them. This event brought us a lot of attention and prestige on campus, while providing us with the recognition required in order to promote even larger events. We plan to continue conducting various events in the name of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in hopes that we can not only create a positive impact locally, but also nationally.

Suraj Kaushal
Alpha Beta Colony