Helping Hands at Xi

During the Winter and Spring terms here at Xi Chapter has participated in many service events. Here at Drexel, brothers help out young children after school, whether it is helping with homework or just playing games with them at the Caring Center, which is a few blocks away from the Drexel Campus for a minimum of 6 hours every term. Along with the Caring Center, a group of three or four brothers make an effort to go to Trevor’s Place every week, which is around the Temple University campus. At both of these venues, brothers work and play with the children and try to influence them in a positive way while also having a great time with the toddlers.

Along with the previously mentioned service opportunities, Xi Chapter also held a Bone Marrow Drive at Drexel’s Campus on March 9th, 2011. One of the brothers at here was inspired by the Bone Marrow Drive at Rutgers and he thought it would be great if we did the same here at Drexel. Soon enough, the event was booked and held for a young child who was in desperate need of bone marrow. We were able to collect approximately 50 cheek swabs, and bring that child that much closer to finding a match.

Recently, Relay for Life was hosted by Pi Kappa Alpha on Drexel’s Campus. We were present during the entire 12 hours in support of a cure for cancer. In addition to that, Xi Chapter was able to raise close to $950 for The American Cancer Society. Relay for Life was full of fun activities and games but at the end of the day, it felt great knowing that we were able to contribute to a very important cause.

In addition to all of these events, Xi Chapter will be throwing "Who’s Got Game?" on June 2nd, 2011. This is the second annual event of its kind at Drexel and we hope to surpass our previous total of $1500 and donate all proceeds to JDRF. After throwing Who’s Got Game, Xi will hopefully have twice that sum on its way to JDRF. We are very excited for this event and will do our best to make sure it’s amazing and fun.

Xi Chapter