Kappa's Sugar Spike Off

On April 23, 2011 Delta Epsilon Psi Kappa Colony held our third annual Sugar Spike Off. The event brought out eleven teams to participate in the volleyball tournament aimed at raising money for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Sugar Spike Off was a success, bringing out both Greek and non-Greek organizations to a day of sports, food, and fun.

Whether you were a participant competing in the tournament, an observer cheering from the sidelines, or one of the many people enjoying the Rita’s Ice and hotdogs outside of the gym, the day was an enjoyable one. With the enthusiasm of the participants and large turnout of northeast brothers who came out for support and help, Sugar Spike Off was one of the most successful philanthropy events of the year at Kappa Colony.

Our motivation for hosting Sugar Spike Off rested in our commitment to the philanthropy of juvenile diabetes, as well as in the Rutgers tradition of cooperation and unity in the Greek community. The event would not have been as successful as it was without the support of the many organizations around Rutgers that came out and played or simply made a donation, as well as the many local businesses that donated food, supplies, and money. Not to mention the dedication of Kappa Colony brothers who organized the event, as well as the out of colony brothers who came to show their support.

Speaking from the perspective of a recently crossed brother of Delta Epsilon Psi, Sugar Spike Off has taught me how much work and effort truly goes into the organizing of an event of this caliber. In order to get many teams to come out as well as take all of the little things involved in planning into consideration, strong leadership is needed in addition to joint support by the entire fraternity. By observing my brothers in the organization process as well as aiding them in any way that I could, I learned aspects of hosting events that can be used for any of the future events our Colony will hold.

The benefits of organizing an event such as Sugar Spike Off extends past a fun day of playing volleyball with your brothers. While donating to an incredible philanthropy, we were also able to build connections with many organizations on campus and set the stage for many partners in future events. Many brothers knew few members of other professional and social fraternities, dance teams, and clubs on campus, and this event allowed us to socialize with and get to know many more. While raising money for a great cause and establishing connections with various clubs and organizations, Sugar Spike Off allowed the brothers of Delta Epsilon Psi, Kappa Colony, to continue a trend of service and brotherhood.