Every year the Brothers of Delta Epsilon Psi dedicate a week to an event titled, “Cure for Diabetes Week.” The event was created and first held a Texas A&M University. Since its creation, the Cure for Diabetes Week has spread to numerous universities across the nation, and in some cases it has even taken the name Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) Week.

At the beginning of each week a charity social event is held that provides the local students with a fun atmosphere in which the platform for creating awareness for Type 1 Diabetes is developed. Throughout the week numerous tables and booths are set up to provide information about Type 1 Diabetes. By the use of different media composed of informational brochures, tri-fold presentations, and sugar-free candy, both students and faculty get the opportunity to observe and be a part of Delta Epsilon Psi’s philanthropy on their respective college campuses.

In addition to creating awareness, various fundraisers are held throughout the week to bring support to JDRF and their goal of finding a cure. The Diabetes Week is a testament to the fraternity’s commitment in developing awareness for Type 1 Diabetes.