Dodging Diabetes is a dodge-ball tournament created with the purpose of accumulating funds for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Since its creation in the spring of 2009 at Texas Tech University, the tournament has served as an outlet for many college students to re-live the fun games of recess that they once used to experience as young children while supporting JDRF.

Since its creation, Dodging Diabetes has expanded to over 20 different college campuses in the nation. The event has raised funds close to $10,000, and its charitable premise has generated a retro sense of fun among today’s college students. In the process of supporting JDRF in the fight against Type 1 Diabetes, Dodging Diabetes has taken a special place in the philanthropy of Delta Epsilon Psi as one of its marquee service events.

For participants to understand Dodging Diabetes They must remember the 5 D’s: dodge, duck, dive, dip, and dodge Type 1 Diabetes; if you can dodge a ball, then you can dodge Type 1 Diabetes.