Who’s Got Game is a three-on-three basketball tournament created for the benefit of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and its fight against Type 1 Diabetes. The tournament was first created at Baylor University and held on November 9, 2007. Its creation was in large part due to the development of You Got Served. The event allowed the brothers at Baylor University to take an aspect of their leisure time and turn it into an event with philanthropic purpose.

Since its creation in 2007, Who’s Got Game as spread to over 20 universities while generating funds of $5000 on average. Additionally, the event has also allowed Delta Epsilon Psi to bring a diverse population of students together to play a nationally accepted sport, while promoting our primary philanthropic cause.

Throughout the years Who’s Got Game has served as an outlet to promote the South Asian voice on campus and unite it with those of other backgrounds to help raise awareness of Type 1 Diabetes.