You Got Served is an annual tennis tournament that was established at Baylor University for the sole purpose of creating funds and awareness for Type 1 Diabetes. The event was created in the early stages of Delta Epsilon Psi’s history at Baylor University. The brothers responsible for creating You Got Served wanted to couple their love for tennis with their passion for service. As a result, the fraternity was able to provide a stress free environment for college students to support a philanthropic cause while coming together in a unified environment.

You Got Served has become a marquee event among Delta Epsilon Psi’s service events. It also serves as a beacon of inspiration for the journey it took towards its development. From You Got Served, many events such as Who’s Got Game, Dodging Diabetes, and Sugar Spike Off were created.

You Got Served continues to be a source of inspiration for the brothers of Delta Epsilon Psi and it reminds every brother to see no bounds in their contribution to JDRF and Type 1 Diabetes. Therefore, because of You Got Served, the fraternity will always create new and innovative philanthropic events.